Weed Control
    Weed Control is applied as needed only to the areas needing it, as often as needed.  If you notice weeds in
    your lawn please let me know and I will treat them at no additional charge.

    seeded areas must be kept moist at all times until the seeds have germinated. This takes 10-14 days,
    sometimes longer, depending on the weather and the type of seed. During warm or windy weather you will
    need to water at least once per day 15-20 mins. in each spot, and in some cases maybe more. During rainy
    weather you will need to water less often. Just remember the seed must remain moist, continuously, until
    it comes up, or the seed will die.
     The first time you water the seed, be careful not to make puddles. When the seed is first put down, it is
    dry and it will float. Once the seed gets wet it cannot float away. So, if you see puddles forming, move the
    sprinkler and then move it back after the water soaks in. After the seed is saturated it will adhere to the soil
    and will be less likely to get washed away.
    Established areas will need 2 waterings per week, one half inch of water with each watering. This will
    usually take 45 mins. to 1 hour in each spot, every 3-4 days. To determine how much water your sprinkler
    is putting on the lawn, use a coffee can or anything with a flat bottom and straight sides (not a margarine
    tub that is rounded at the bottom). Most lawns have a few places that tend to dry out first: they will start
    turning a dark bluish color as the grass begins to wilt. By watching these areas you can tell when it is time
    to water your lawn again.

      Mow young grass high (2 1/2 to 3 inches) with a sharp blade and collect the clippings.
     For best results do not allow leaves, clippings, paper, ECT. to remain on the lawn for any length of time.
    Lawn debris especially with snow on the ground debris can smother the grass.

                                   If you have any questions or problems, please call 314-606-0206


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              THE FALL APPLICATION CONSISTS OF:                                 
           FERTILIZER___________________                 SEED_____________________               
GRUB CONTROL_______________                AERATION________________
WEED CONTROL_______________                OTHER___________________
Fall Application