Weed Control
    Weed Control is applied as needed only to the areas needing it, as often as needed.  If you notice weeds
    in your lawn please let me know and I will treat them at no additional charge.

    Every lawn needs one inch of water per week. I recommend watering twice a week (every 3-4 days) for
    about 45 minutes to 1 hour in each spot (a half inch of water twice a week). An easy way to determine
    how much water or rainfall your lawn is getting is to catch the water in a coffee can (or any container
    with a flat bottom & straight sides) A half inch in the can equals a half inch on the ground. The idea is to
    soak the ground to a depth of 6 inches. Then allow the surface to dry out (top ½ - 1 inch of soil) before
    watering again. Watering in this way will discourage fungus because it grows on the surface and needs
    constant moisture to grow. It also discourages young, shallow rooted weeds.  

    During the hot summer months, the success of your lawn depends a great deal on how it is mowed.
    Unless you have Zoisia or Bermuda, the mowing height should definitely be raised to at least 3 inches,
    which is usually the highest setting on your mower. The additional height will shade the ground better to
    help keep the ground cooler which in turn will help hold the moisture in & also keep the roots cooler so
    the grass won’t try to go dormant. Also, the additional height helps to crowd out young weeds by giving
    them more competition for sunlight.
    After the pre-emergent crabgrass control has been applied special care should be taken not to disrupt the
    barrier it forms on the surface of the soil.

                               If you have any questions or problems please call 314-606-0206


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The Summer Application consists of:

Broadleaf Control____________ Fungicide_____________
Summer Application