Weed Control

    Weed Control is applied as needed only to the areas needing it, as often as needed.  If you notice weeds in
    your lawn please let me know and I will treat them at no additional charge.


     There are no special watering needs for lime or fertilizer applications at this time of year. Normal rains
    and/or snow melt is adequate moisture.
     Seeded areas require no special watering consideration at this time of year either. However when the
    “Spring Thaw” comes and the temperature warms, the seed will need to remain moist until it comes up.


    It is important not to allow leaves, grass clippings, or any other debris to lay on the lawn for any length
    of time. Lawn debris, especially leaves, can cause problems when they “blanket” the ground and then get
    wet. This causes them to flatten out and smother the grass. The added weight of snow compounds the
    problem. It is best not to let them accumulate in the first place.

                                            If you have any questions or problems please call 314-606-0206



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The Late Fall/Winter Application consists of:

Winter Fertilizer______________                                       Lime______________
Aeration______________                                                 Seeding______________
Winter Application
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